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Progress En Route To Fusion!

The first six months have passed quickly, and the Vortex-4-Fusion team met for their second consortium meeting in Tampere last week.

All work packages have made great progress already. We saw initial simulations and preliminary results on plasma production from borane targets with high-power lasers, and the first fibres with new core materials have been characterised and tested.

Great discussions allowed the highly interdisciplinary team to learn from each other and make plans for the next steps in the project. Everyone is highly motivated to continue their work, and we can't wait for the next results!

Following the presentations, we had the privilege of a visit to the research labs of the team from Tampere University, led by Dr Regina Gumenyuk, and the facilities of our SME-partner Ampliconyx, led by Dr Valery Filippov.

To round off the meeting, we finished the day with a dinner on the beautiful island of Viikinsaari, taking in the beauty of Tampere and it surroundings on the boat ride there.

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